Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment $10!

*Manhattan momotaro Only*
Paraffin Wax treatment is luxurious spa treatment that it intended to moisturize and soften the skin. It is unlike the ones that are used to remove hair. It is a soft wax with paraffin oil component, that melts as a lower than normal tempreture. Paraffin hand treatment is nowadays widely used for enhancing the look of hands. Besides eliminating skin dryness, and it also can provide relief from pain and stiffness of the joints as well. For this dry season, we would like to offer you this treatment for $10 until the end of May. It takes about 15 minutes! Please ask your stylist or contact us for more infomation!

You Need to get Deep Conditioner done!!!

"Linkage Meu" is a 3-step salon treatment which includes aroma therapy and a weekly homecare component that improves the quality of hair without a greasy feel. Linkage Meu is designed to be provided as an additional service to our normal offerings of cut, color, blow dry and other chemical services. Please ask your stylist more about it!!!

Hair Manicure

A healthier alternative to the conventional coloring og gray hair that results in an elegant, youthful look. For those who don't want to commit to a permanent color but want to do something about your gray hair, Hair Manicure provides natural gray coverage and brilliant shine for 6-8 weeks! Contact us for more information.

MEN's facial

Gentlemen, this is the time to get our facial! This time of the year could be the worst for your face. It's too dry inside or/and outside, so you put too much cream or lotion on, using too much of soap to get them off from your face... Those dries your face easily. Bad cycle. Please let us give you our facial and an advice for you to keep your face fresh and clean. You can’t resist it once you try it.